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From YAML Deserialization to RCE in Ruby on Rails Applications

It’s not uncommon for me to find unsafe YAML deserialization while reviewing Ruby on Rails applications. For those who aren’t familiar with the dangers of arbitrary YAML deserialization, the short of it is that deserializing YAML can lead to code execution. This is possible because YAML deserialization allocates a new Ruby object without initializing it, Continue Reading

Google Account Security and Number Portability

By now, you may have read this story about someone having $8,000 worth of Bitcoin stolen due to a social engineering attack on their Verizon account. This was an unfortunate event and an urgent reminder that SMS-based 2FA isn’t secure. When you allow a second factor of authentication to occur over SMS, the proof isn’t Continue Reading

An Analysis of CVE-2017-5638

I just published some research I did with Gotham Digital Science on the recent Struts vulnerability, CVE-2017-5638. You can find that (rather long) post here, full of in-depth code review and an additional, lesser known attack vector: An Analysis of CVE-2017-5638

Cross-Site Scripting via DOM-Based Open Redirects

Consider the following JavaScript application which clearly contains a DOM-based open redirect vulnerability: As if this weren’t bad enough, this application is less obviously vulnerable to cross-site scripting. Consider what would happen if the window’s location were set to javascript:alert(). This is effectively the same thing as typing javascript:alert() into the navigation bar in your Continue Reading